Introduction of Champagne SENEZ

We are extremely excited to bring Champagne SENEZ directly from its champagne vines in France to Hong Kong.  Champagne SENEZ is family owned and operated by the SENEZ family for over 65 yrs.  From the planting of the first vine to the first vintage up to today, their priority has always been their commitment to taste and quality.

Whether it is for a wedding, anniversary, birthday party, junk trip, barbeque or any celebration, the wide selection of champagnes makes it easy to choose the right champagne for the right occasion.  The fond memories of those special moments will always be associated with the sparkling bubbles and refined taste of Champagne SENEZ.

We work directly with the champagne house to bring you a high quality product at great value.  We believe the quality of the champagne to be the best asset in introducing the brand to Hong Kong.

With each bottle of Champagne SENEZ, even simple occasions become extraordinary.


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