The story of this family owned champagne house began when Cristian SENEZ acquired a few acres of land in Fontette, a lush hillside region situated within the Champagne appellation. With great care and deep appreciation for the region’s unique terroir, he and his family cultivated the land, planted vines and in 1973 produced the first vintages from his vineyard.

In the 1980's, the champagne gained recognition and demand increased significantly with 40% exported to new markets (UK, Germany, Italy Spain, Japan and New Caledonia). Throughout the years, the vineyard steadily increased in size to its present 30 hectares and current production of 500,000 bottles.

With the same levels of great care and dedication to quality it has carried with it from the beginning, Champagne Cristian SENEZ continues to improve its production facilities. By combining modern stainless-steel installations alongside traditional wine presses, it has been able to continually achieve the high levels of quality inherent to these champagnes.

Today, Champagne Cristian SENEZ produces a wide range of champagnes. In recognition of the vineyard’s high standards and quality, several have won top awards. 


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